Our Goal is Cooperation and Enhancement!

It’s come to our attention that some are thinking that we may be a club that wants to compete with other agility clubs in the Utah Area. This is not true at all! We want to cooperate and enhance the dog sports activities in Utah!

We have an amazing, wonderful dog sports community and the only way we’ll get another club up and running is if we have lots of cooperation and we are able to work together!

We are hoping to add more AKC Agility trials to the Utah area, in addition to the ones that already exist. As of this year (2019) Utah has only 9 local agility trials. We believe we have the population and participation to support more than 9 agility trials a year. We will need help and understanding from the local community, as well as our wonderful friends in Idaho, and other surrounding states!

And as for Scent Work, currently, Utah has only one club putting on AKC Scent Work trials. They are a wonderful club and do a great job! We hope to be able to expand this opportunity of having Scent Work trials in Utah and add a couple more weekends per year. And again we will be hoping for the support and help of the existing Scent Work and Nosework community!

One club with only a few people will not be able to accomplish these goals. We need the cooperation and the support of the entire community, and we also want to work together with everyone else!

We love dog sports, we hope everyone will have a great time!

Author: Cynthia Heyman

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