Our September 2020 Trial is Open for Entries!

Our first Scent Work Trial is now open for entries!  We are excited to be having our first Scent Work trial in Utah!

We may take online entries, but first, we are open for paper entries.  Cynthia will try to work on an online entry form when she gets some time.

For now, to enter, please check out the Premium and fill out the entry form.
Or BETTER yet, use Oaklines! Oaklines is a free service that lets you put in all your information, and all your dog’s information, and generates an entry form for you. This makes it super easy for the secretary to read, and it also cuts back on the amount of writing you need to do to fill out the forms!

Click Here to visit Oaklins!

Click Here to see the Premium!

Author: Cynthia Heyman

4 thoughts on “Our September 2020 Trial is Open for Entries!

  1. I am trying to sign up for the nose work trial in September but I am having trouble navigating the website

  2. Hi there — I recently moved to Logan Utah and am looking for a scentwork group — I was wondering if your group does training? I see you recently had your first trial – congrats on that! Please let me know if you have training groups etc. – thankks

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